september 18, 2016

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“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”
~ Brené Brown


from the balcony
from the balcony


I had the great honor to photograph a service at the Cane Ridge Meeting House today. It was the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from Mt. Sterling that held their service there. Pastor Scott Holley was extremely gracious to allow me to join the service and walk freely, snapping along the way. My Aunt Nila and Uncle John Crouch are elders at First Christian, and it was they who invited me to join them in fellowship. Everything about the day was a blessing for me. There was really something so magical about attending service in this holy place. I was sorry mom and dad couldn’t join us. They would have been inspired.

ray of light
ray of light


The blessings of my day didn’t end with Cane Ridge. Tammy Jo O’Neal finished her Traeger massage training in Lexington then came to spend the night with me. We shared a meal and humble conversation. She is truly one of the brightest lights I have ever met. She would do anything in the world to help you, to help even a stranger if they needed it. It is an extraordinary feeling to be surrounded all day with such goodness. I like what the First Christian Church says on their website, in part because it reminds me of Tammy Jo’s life philosophy:

…Free Thinkers – We recognize that there is more than one path for a faith journey and we understand our varied theological thoughts to be a source of strength.

…Non-doctrinal – Regardless of your religious past, your ideas will be respected.

Amen and amen. I really must be living right to have such goodness and diversity in my world.

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