september 26, 2012

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Go where you are celebrated.” ~ Jamie McAlpin

flow tribe (snapseed)

If it’s true, that one should go where they’re celebrated, then I have come to the right place. One man asked to meet me because I was “famous” (I laughed), and, before introducing the short film I made for NEH, they gave me a truly glowing introduction. Then, it was off for dinner and live music from New Orleans with BFF Lisa Banyai. Sprinkle all this with seeing one old friend after another, topped with a shot of the Washington Monument from a moving car, and I think we can put this day in the books. I am the most fortunate woman on the planet.

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  1. dalphna d

    Congratulations , my famous friend!! I love receiving your upbeat news every day. Joy, joy. Hope you’re feeling much better, too. hugs.

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