april 13, 2024

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“One way to boost your curiosity is to just assume that everything in life is a clue left from the universe for further investigation. Follow the clues the universe drops for you, and you will almost always learn something interesting.” ~ Austin Kleon

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My fir tree – a Norwegian Spruce probably – is host to a crow’s nest. Long-time readers may recall the saga of Edgar Allen Crow back in 2018. The nest has been there since some time that year or 2017, but after Edgar’s sad death by drowning, it was abandoned until this year. I buried him under this tree that has unintentionally become the pet cemetery for three cats, one dog, and a crow. Anyway, I can’t tell you how excited I am to host another clutch, and I’m very hopeful this time will be successful. The nest is very, very hard to see from the ground, and even then, you have to be just so or you can’t see it at all (below). It’s not quite at the top, but still easily 50-60 feet in the air. The nest is amazingly sturdy. We’ve had some serious straight-line winds rummage through here since 2018, but that nest has never moved. A very interesting thing I’ve noticed this time is the helper crows. There are at least three crows tending to the clutch. I did some reading and found this is common. Even in Crow-world, it takes a village. Fingers crossed that we get to watch this brood mature and fly away to grow their own little crow family.

Crow’s nest

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