april 2, 2024

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“You will never look into the eyes of someone God does not love.” ~ Unknown


It was quite a morning in the Bluegrass. I hadn’t been in the office but a few minutes when I heard it. When I looked outside, the rain was strange – heavy and sideways, and the wind was relentless. I got away from the window and joined colleagues in the lobby. After the wind and rain died down, I went back to my office and back to work. Fifteen minutes later, my cell phone and text went off, and so did everyone else’s phone. Activate storm plan: down to the basement we go. One colleague in the photo had to go home soon after the photo because a tree had dropped into his house to say hi. Two hours after that, the University closed and asked us to leave as more rounds of severe weather were expected (it’s still raining and thundering as I write tonight). Getting home was no small feat as 30,000 people in a two-square-mile space tried to leave. I took a super long way home just to keep moving and passed many, many uprooted trees and closed intersections. This poor house isn’t far from BFF Judy Sackett’s house, so I drove past her place to be sure her trees were still erect. She was fine. Back here at my homestead, it, too, was fine, thankfully. Blessings are everywhere in all the unexpected places. 


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