june 17, 2015

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“Work hard and don’t lie.” ~ Pame Kingfisher


gingko nuts (snapseed)
gingko nuts (snapseed)


I’ve never noticed these pods hanging from the gingko trees on campus. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this time except I was looking on the ground and thought they were unusual colored robin eggs. When I stopped to investigate, I saw that the tree was weighed down with them. “Those must be its bilobas,” I giggled to myself. I could Google for answers, but I’d rather hear from ya’ll. Are these seeds? Are they edible? Are they native to a female gingko, male, or both? Has anyone else ever noticed these things before, either on campus or elsewhere? I gotta tell ya, I love gingko trees in the fall. Their bright yellow leaves are stunning. Now, somebody school me on this little pod things.

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