june 9, 2024

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“If I admire something about someone, I tell them. We humans are so fragile. It’s important we give people their flowers while they’re still here. Never admire quietly.” ~ Chimamanda Adichie


Uncle Tony turned 75 today, and we celebrated him with cake and fellowship. He says we can’t have another party for him until he’s 80. His oldest, Jennifer, went all out with decorations, custom-made cookies, and her Mamaw Adkins’ punch. I don’t think I’ve ever captured a smile on Tony as big as the one with Jennifer below. He loves his daughters, and they sure love him, too. As his sister, Lois, said earlier, I don’t think we have ever heard anyone say a bad word about Tony. He’s a good, good man, a great father, and a wonderful friend to many. His daughter Jennifer is a chip off that block for sure. Tony is special: always has been, always will be, and I’m tickled we got to celebrate him again. 


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