march 30, 2021

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“Control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace.” ~ Unknown

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Straight out of the camera again because springtime in Kentucky don’t need no help (double negative is allowed in my world). Mom and dad went to Aunt Charlene’s birthday party yesterday (I had a meeting and couldn’t go), and I’m told dad remarked all the way there and all the way back about the snow white trees lining the roads. It’s true: we have a lot of them here. Bradford pears mostly, I’m afraid, but also we have our share of ornamental cherry trees, too. And bonus, they don’t stink like Bradford pears and, to my knowledge, they’re not invasive like the Bradford Pear. Now, let’s get out there and plant some native trees, huh? Kentucky native flowering dogwood and eastern redbud trees are gorgeous in spring. I think I’ll get a dogwood for spring and a red maple for fall. 

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