march 31, 2018

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“Without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life.” ~ Unknown


Wallace J. (snapseed)


The last day of March has been wonderful. Catherine Brereton and I had a little business proposal that went swimmingly (stay tuned for that news). Me and the boy above got some overdue yard work out of the way. I played a little music. And then Stacy and I tried a great new Mediterranean restaurant. What a great day. Also, you might recall I mentioned Debra Faulk a few weeks back. She did her Tedx Talk rehearsal that we were all so excited about. I promised I’d let you know when it was available to see, and et voila, here it is. The talk is good, she’s still funny, and the message is always important. So, friends, enjoy the talk, enjoy this last day of March, and may it have been as awesome for you as it was for me and Wally.

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