november 18, 2023

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“We are not here long enough to live unhappily.” ~ Unknown


I had been looking forward to GurneyFest for months (a two-day celebration of our beloved Gurney Norman and his many years as educator and mentor), but when it finally came, I was out of town for one day and sleeping off an incredibly busy four weeks the next. I am still trying to wake up and recover. I’ve slept most of the day, so here’s a photo from Thursday as Crystal and I walked to get our cars to pick up Laverne and Shirley, I mean Elaine and Shirley, from the Opera House after a wonderful evening together. The last time I was on Short Street after dark, they didn’t have lights on the Unlearn Fear & Hate public art installation. I stopped briefly to take a snap because it’s a lovely piece in the daylight, and it’s really great at night under lights. What a positive vibe it gives downtown. If you’ll excuse me, it’s back to bed for me to get some more much-needed rest.

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