february 14, 2021

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“Being a good person does not depend on your religion are status in life, your race or skin color. It depends on how well you treat others.” ~ Unknown

cold campus

Covid test #? – I’ve lost count at this point. It took place this morning at a cold, ice-crippled, forlorn looking Kroger Field. As a UK student I am required to get a test every so often. Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a stick up your nostril. I would really like to get the vaccine as easily as I get the test. Last week UK announced they’re lumping all UK employees into the 1C group, which is great except I’m already in the 1C group, I’ve been on the list for over a month, but I still haven’t been scheduled for the first shot. At least I’ll be scheduling mom and dad’s booster shots tomorrow, and for that I am grateful as much as I am grateful to UK for making sure their student body remains as safe as can be. And now, we brace for the next ice storm or snow event, whichever it decides to be by the time it gets here later tonight. The poor trees around the stadium won’t fair any better than they did last week I’m afraid.

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